What a year!


All images ©2013 reality bites cupcakes inc.

I actually can’t believe it- Reality Bites Cupcakes is one year old today! It has been an incredibly exciting and fun 12 months of baking, writing, photographing and posting. It’s amazing how time flies.

From what started as a project on the side “just for fun”, both RBC and myself have evolved so much. From figuring out my “voice” online, to mastering the mixer, along with countless recipes and my personal favorite accomplishment: cheesecake, it has all been a wonderfully fun learning process.

Reality Bites Cupcakes is now a real small business- incorporated, trademarked and all (!!)- with consistent orders and even regular customers. It is amazing how fulfilling something can be, especially when the little victories, big successses, and feel-good moments are above and beyond what you expected.

While I may bake the cupcakes, I deserve very little to no credit. From my family (especially you, Mom), to my friends, to my incredibly patient and helpful roommate, to acquaintances and even strangers- you have all made RBC what it is! With all of the constant support, positive reenforcement, taste testing, pimping out, Facebook posts, Twitter and Instagram shout outs, and just the never ending love- I owe it all to you.

Thank you thank you thank you.

On to the next year!