The Graduate

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As I mentioned a few posts back, my younger brother graduated from college this year. What I didn’t mention was that my family will take any reason to have a party and run with it. Not that a college graduation isn’t a big deal-it is-but find us a festive occasion and it is as if it is in our blood to play hosts. I was told about 3 hours into the party to stop talking to everyone and focus on the game at hand. College grad party= the chance to show off my lack of drinking game skills. (I was kicked off of my team.)

The skills I did get to show off were those of my baking. I spent a great deal of time the night before and the day of cutting Fruit Roll Ups with a pair of scissors to decorate these graduation themed cupcakes. The cap, made of a Reese’s/After 8 combination, was topped off by the “tassels” in my brother’s school colors. 

With a house filled with family, close friends and a bunch of recent grads, we had an absolute blast. It brought me back to the summer after I graduated when I didn’t have a job yet, so I spent all of my time by the pool and slept in every.single.morning. Those were the days. I feel like telling anyone rushing into the working world to slow down and enjoy their summer…it’s unlikely you’ll ever have that kind of free time again. Cherish it.