Pizza Bite


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I love pizza. Can not get enough of it. I could eat pizza for breakfast (preferably cold), lunch, dinner, etc. As I have mentioned, I don’t discriminate- microwave pizza, delivery, homemade- as long as it’s dough, cheese, and sauce, I am happy. But, if asked to pick my favorite pizza spot, it would be between the two beloved pizzerias in my home town. One of them makes a chicken cesear salad slice that is amazing.

This “pizza bite” reminds me of these what are now called pizza rolls, that my elementary school used to serve. They were all the rage, and I can remember grimacing at the healthy lunch my mom had packed me. Looking back, she had the right idea, but I still can’t help but want these when I see them again.

Now, I was certainly not deprived of my favorite food. I feel like for a lot of families, Friday nights are pizza night, and we were certainly one of them. After a long week, not many people (especially myself, and even more so my mom) want to cook. At our house, pizza is cross generationally enjoyed, so it always made the whole family happy and got the weekend started right.