New York State of Mind

Today is one of those days that everyone asks one another, “where were you?”. I was in my 8th grade math class, probably griping over a problem I couldn’t solve. Today is also one of those days that I can’t allow myself to complain about anything. Every day issues seem trivial when you think about what we were experiencing 11 years ago. As a New Yorker, but more importantly- an American, my sense of pride is incredibly heightened. I secretly suppress tears every time I hear someone sing the National Anthem (no one can do it as well, or with more enthusiasm than Whitney), so seeing the videos/pictures/posts inundating Facebook, Twitter, and all social media today is particularly moving. It all really proves that despite all of the issues we face, Americans can still band together. 

Check out this video posted on the blog of my friends at Spogo. I had forgotten about this moment, but it didn’t take long for the memory to resurface. Never forget.