Ice Cream Cone


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I like to ask people the question, “if you were told you could only eat three foods (throw calories, fat, how awful you feel after you eat whatever it is, out the window) for the rest of you life- what would you eat?”.

My three foods are hummus, pizza (the good, the bad, I am not picky), and soft serve ice cream. I admit I eat it year round, but somehow even more in the summer. A personal pet peeve is when it melts, so I tend to inhale my frozen yogurt like someone is going to take it away from me. 

Luckily, this ice cream cone didn’t melt on me. Food Network Magazine featured a snow cone cupcake last month that I was impressed by, but a friend expressed concern in eating it. I realized that while it may look cool (pun intended!), the ice cream cone will always be the easiest way to eat your frozen (or baked) treat.