Caprese Sandwich


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A few weeks after I made the sliders, another coworker asked me to make them for his sister’s birthday. He gave me about 12 hours notice, but since I have too much fun baking, I agreed to do my best to get as many sliders made by the next morning as I could.

I have to say, the second time around was much easier, and they came out great! What I realized after the sliders were packed up and ready to go was that Justin had mentioned his sister was lactose intolerant. The yellow cake called for butter. I was in trouble. 

Oh a whim the night before, I had baked the extra chocolate cake batter in a flat baking tin. I didn’t want to waste it, and all of my cupcake trays were already in the oven. I quickly pulled this flat, sad looking “cake” out of the fridge where I had it cooling, and sliced it into squares. Marshmallows from another baking experiment, leftover icing , and some extra sesame seeds saved the day. The chocolate cake bakes with oil, not butter, so I knew Justin’s sister would be able to eat them.

The caprese sandwich on “pumpernickel” wasn’t planned, but I have to admit, someone said they thought the bread looked a lot like cake before I had explained to them what it actually was. I’ll take a W for this one.