Hot Dogs




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I can’t really say I’m a big baseball fan, but with the World Series having just ended, I figured it was a good excuse to try out these “hot dog” cupcakes!

I love hot dogs- they remind me of summer BBQs- but they also remind me of going to baseball games when I was younger. I couldn’t and still can’t quite sit through a whole game, but I am sure if you live in Detroit or San Francisco, this has been a great time to be a baseball fan.

Along with the sliders, the “hot dogs” required that I make two separate batters- one for the “buns” and another for the “dogs”. Using a special donut mold, a loaf tin, and both yellow and red velvet cake, these “hot dogs” were simple to make once everything came out of the oven.

Interestingly enough, GQ Magazine’s November issue has an article on the sport of competitive eating, with the most famous contest being Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, held on Coney Island every Fourth of July. From what I’ve heard, you shouldn’t eat more than a few hot dogs every year (I give myself a pass and have one or two every summer), but I’ve never heard anything about hot dog cupcakes. Game on.