Comfort Food Cupcakes



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As we get into November, the weather is feeling less like fall and more like winter. I can’t believe it already snowed! Once the temperature dips, all I want are the seasonal comfort foods that warm you from the inside out. 

When I was little, my mom used to make pancakes for breakfast on special occasions. She would also catch me pouring syrup right from the Aunt Jemima bottle into my mouth (channeling this movie?). There is something about pancakes that make everyone happy- carbs, butter, sugar, etc.- you can’t really go wrong. They are a breakfast favorite for winter days. 

For those of you that only eat the tops of muffins (Mom), this “short stack” is perfect for you. By simply cutting the tops off of yellow cupcakes and covering them in caramel sauce, these “pancakes” make for a sweet and simple treat.