Wedding Season

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Whenever I hear that someone got engaged, my immediate reaction is not to ask to see the ring. Instead, I want to know the details of the engagement. From flash mobs, to choreographed dances, to the jumbotron at a baseball game, people love to get creative. While I appreciate their efforts, I lean (hard) in the conservative direction…unless we are talking about cupcakes. For this order, I had to think outside the box. 

The wonderful bride-to-be and I discussed these cupcakes weeks prior to her engagement party to make sure they were exactly what she wanted- cupcake ring boxes with candy diamond rings. For this very special occasion she decided on red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. See the adorable couple below- she said yes (again)!

While I haven’t been to enough weddings to be able to do this quite yet, I have a feeling my time is coming. I am off to my first bachelorette party in a few weeks (which I imagine will look nothing like this, but closer to this) and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that one of my best friends is getting married. With New York International Bridal Week wrapping up today, spring flowers popping up all over Manhattan, and people preparing for a summer of wedding festivities, this cupcake order came at the perfect time to kick off wedding season.