Try These On For Size

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When I was little, I insisted on watching The Little Mermaid on repeat for what I have been told were months. Clearly I had a serious love for Disney movies, and I still have a hard time changing the channel when I see one on TV. 

Recently I was asked to create cupcakes for a Cinderella themed birthday party, so I decided to try these “glass slippers” on for size. I’m always happy to hear that the classic Disney movies are still a hit with today’s younger generation, so I was particularly excited for this order. The “glass slippers” have yellow cake toes, graham cracker soles dipped in candy melts, and Pirouette cookie heels.

While my taste in movies has somewhat evolved- I could watch  this one over and over again (terrible quality, but it was too fitting for this post), I still can’t get enough of The Little Mermaid.