Orange you glad?

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After a month long hiatus, RBC is back. And so is the snow, making commuting for one and all terribly unpleasant. I am lucky enough that I can walk to my office, but on days like these I wish I was further away so there was an excuse for a snow day in bed.

The weather hasn’t exactly kept everyone healthy either. I’ve been on and off sick for weeks- hence going MIA- and I’m sensing that this lingering cold may be my new accessory for Winter 2014. You can find packets of Emergen-C, DayQuil and Luden’s cough drops (aka candy) in my desk drawers, bag and apartment. I figure the more things I try to prevent getting full blown sick, the more likely I am to weather the flu season storm.

Growing up, whenever I wasn’t feeling great, my mom recommended extra Vitamin C. I was always told to drink orange juice, but I’m not a huge fan these days (maybe that’s why), so instead I opt for the real deal. While I hate peeling oranges, the end justifies the means. Luckily, these cupcake oranges require no peeling and are packed with Vitamin C(ake). 

And admittedly, this song comes to mind. Forgive me.