Mums the Word

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Mother’s Day called for a return to baking after what felt like an incredibly long hiatus. I could not figure out why over the last few weeks I have been feeling slightly off, and not 100% myself- the verdict: lack of baking. Once my go-to Pandora station began playing as the oven heated up, I was already feeling better.

Since my mom is an avid gardener, and spring has finally sprung, my sister and I decided to make these cupcakes that were planted in real pots, and covered in chocolate frosting, Oreo “dirt” and fondant “mums”. 

Now that I’m back in action in the kitchen, I’ve been working on another exciting (or I think it is!) update for RBC. I have spent the last few months working with a wonderful designer who is creating a logo for the company that truly captures my desired brand messaging. While nothing is final, I am already so excited to unveil the finished logo. Stay tuned!

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to all moms, but especially the one who is the brains behind RBC!