I Spy Reality Bites on CakeSpy!


I am THRILLED to be featured today on CakeSpy! The head spy of this lovely site is Jessie Oleson Moore- a freelance writer and illustrator whose writing and illustrations have appeared on DailyCandy.com, Serious Eats, and Taste of Home just to name a few! CakeSpy was even named one of Gourmet’s Favorite Food Sites, so I am incredibly excited to have been interviewed for today’s post! 

In an effort to pick the CakeSpy’s brain, I had a few questions of my own for Jessie: 

If you could only eat three foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Crumb cake, Birthday Cake, and Brussels Sprouts.

What was your first job? How did it help you get where you are today?

My first job was “Flower Girl” —official title—at Mueller’s Flowers & Gifts in Manasquan, New Jersey. My job, when the flowers came in from the wholesalers every day, was to prepare them for the store. This involved husking gladiola leaves like corn, de-thorning roses, and removing stamen from lilies. Probably the biggest influence this job had on me was that I always smelled good at the end of my shift, even if I’d gotten sweaty or something. It’s highly likely that this made me gravitate toward professions that would make me smell good. As CakeSpy I bake a lot, which makes me frequently smell like birthday cake batter and/or brownies.

What’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to you?

It’s more of an act than something said I suppose, but in recent memory, someone said “I’m sweet on you” by decorating the stairwell of my apartment building with like a hundred hearts. Um, don’t tell my landlord that had to do with me, I really want my deposit back. 

If you were to decide today what cake you will have on your 100th birthday, what would it be?

Same one I have almost every year: three tiers, white cake, pink frosting. Lots of flowers and scalloped frosting and stuff. Oh and we’ve gotta have the Birthday Mouse on top. (See below!)