Holy Sheet it's Halloween

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I forgot how much I love Halloween, which has entirely to do with the fact that for the past two years, the holiday hasn’t really happened. With Hurricane Sandy last year, and that fluke snowstorm two years ago, I’m most excited for all of the kids that will finally get to go trick-or-treating. Aside from the costumes, that was always the best part of Halloween growing up.

The candy didn’t hurt either. I still remember which house was the “go-to” because they gave out the jumbo candy bars, along with which one we avoided because they handed out apples (and I mean, what is this?). It’s Halloween. Kids want candy.

This year at work, we are doing office trick-or-treating (yes, among coworkers), so I made these cupcakes for anyone that stops by my desk. Hopefully no one looks like this by the end of the day. Happy Halloween!