Happy Birthday, America!


"Rocket Pops"


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Since the Fourth of July falls awkwardly on a Wednesday this year, I feel as if everyone is extending the celebration across two weekends. I know my roommate and I decided to do that- we had a party at our apartment on Saturday night where I served these festive cupcakes.

Since the number one food I associate with the 4th is a cheeseburger (which I’ve already made/featured) I tried to think of something else to honor the holiday. Kate Upton is featured on the cover of GQ’s July issue enjoying a cold Rocket Pop, so I attempted to make the cupcake version of this classic summer ice pop. They remind me of hearing the ice cream man’s truck bells and begging my parents to let me bolt from the dinner table to catch him.

I’ve already made ice cream cones, but they just seemed like a necessity for the Fourth, along with the traditional cupcakes adorned with American flags. 

The party was a blast, (a minor cupcake fight occurred), but now I am ready to keep the celebrations going into this week and next weekend. Everyone may be a little thrown by the Fourth’s timing this year, but I can’t help but be excited to draw out one of my favorite holidays of the year.